Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

Engaged couples are required, by the Diocese of Norwich, to participate in a marriage preparation program to help promote happy, life-long marriages. Topics covered in each of the programs include communication, hopes and fears, finances, attitudes, etc. Couples planning to be married must contact the Parish Office by e-mail or call (860) 872-0200 six months in advance to register for these programs.

Together in Love

This program affords the engaged couple the opportunity to meet with one married couple from our parish in their home, for four to five one-hour sessions. Study materials are provided. This is a fine chance to share and discuss on a couple-to-couple basis.

Engaged Encounter Weekend

This is a weekend designed to give couples planning marriage on opportunity for an intense and honest look at their commitment to one another. The atmosphere of the weekend allows a couple to discuss with each other their desires, ambitions, goals and attitudes about time, sex, money, children, family and their role in the Church society. Presentations are given by two married couples and a priest who share personally from their own experiences. Personal reflection and couple dialogue are the main thrust of the weekend. 

Holy Orders

The sacrament of Holy Orders prepares priests to serve the spiritual needs of others and gives special blessings to support them in their demanding vocation. Only priests who have received the sacrament can change bread and wine into the body, blood and divinity of Jesus (a miracle called transubstantiation).

Also please visit: http://www.god-calls.org for additional information.