Pastor's Page - September

Posted on September 17, 2017 in: Pastor's Thoughts

Dear Parish Family,

As a young boy, I clearly remember dreading the month of September.  I loved the summer and was never ready to go back to school.  The Sisters of Mercy didn’t always look too thrilled with the arrival of September either!  Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for teachers and students to get back into the rhythm of school and its many opportunities of growth and new experiences.     

Perhaps that month of September helped us as young people to expect change in life.  Every year we had to get used to a new teacher, a different grade level, new curriculum and, depending on our grade level, a new school.  As adults, we can often forget that youthful expectation of change.  We can get very set in our ways and instead of seeing change as a possible avenue of growth we fsee it as a threat. 

September marks a brand-new beginning for our yoked communities and we are once again asked to be open and receptive to the Spirit working in our individual and communal lives.  Let’s welcome new opportunities with a positive openness and see where it may lead.  When we are receptive to the Spirit and centered on the Eucharist, only good can come from it.   

Next month, Sacred Heart Parish in Vernon will be merged into the community of St. Bernard.  This transitional period is a very difficult one for the good people of Sacred Heart.  I would ask that we continue to pray for them and welcome them as they begin their entrance into our two faith communities.

With Peace,
Fr. Rick

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