Pastor's Page - September

Posted on September 21, 2016 in: Pastor's Thoughts

Dear Parish Family,

We are very aware that January first marks the beginning of our calendar year and that Advent is the beginning of our Church year. From the perspective of many, however, September marks the beginning of a new year too. This month represents a time of new beginnings and getting back on the fast track. The school year begins and our young people head off to new adventures in education. Committees, activities and meetings sprout out of nowhere and our calendars quickly fill with names, dates, times and places. The Church is no different as we too prepare to meet the many spiritual, educational, social and liturgical needs of our community. September welcomes students into our two energetic pre-schools along with approximately 870 students in our two religious education programs. Our combined youth group is preparing for new activities and firing up the tried and true events that have become our traditions. On September 18th our two parishes come together for a Mass and picnic at the Star Hill Family Athletic Center Dome. Bible Study begins, the Adult Faith Formation busies itself with plans for speakers, concerts, trips and liturgies for the two parishes. All other committees have set their calendars and have begun planning the many activities they’ll be sponsoring throughout the coming year.

All the activities and all the creative spirit that pours forth from our people, staff, volunteers and Clergy will bear much fruit as long as we stay centered on God, His Church and His direction. Laying aside personal agendas and egos leads to humble service and powerful results.

May God continue to bless our community, the work of our hands and the people we serve.

Fr Rick


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