Dear Parishioners,

On Saturday, June 25th, Bishop Michael Cote ordained to the Roman Catholic Priesthood four transitional Deacons.  Congratulations Fr. Juan Aguirre, Fr. Jeffrey Ellis, Fr. Thomas Griffin and Fr. Peter Langevin.  We are blessed to have these individual serving the good people of the Diocese of Norwich.  I am also very happy to report that Bishop Cote has assigned Fr. Jeffrey Ellis as a Parochial Vicar to the Catholic Community of St. Matthew and St. Bernard. 

I know our Bishop feels that our community is a wonderful place for a newly ordained to be assigned.  His formation as a priest, especially in this first year, is a great responsibility placed not only on me and my brother clergy, but also on each of you.  We don’t know how long we’ll have Fr. Jeff so we need to warmly invite him to our different ministries, liturgies, gatherings, classes, workshops and families that make up our two communities.  My prayer for Fr. Jeff is that he not only sees our two parishes as his first assignment but also learns to embrace us as him family and his home. 

Fr. Jeff will begin his ministry in mid-July.  In advance I thank you for your warm welcome to the newest member of our family.  For an excellent interview with Fr. Ellis in the Four County Catholic, please go to .

Fr. Rick

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