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Posted on April 18, 2017 in: Pastor's Thoughts

Dear Parish Family,

As I sit at my computer on March 24th I know that we have just entered the season of Spring, – but the snow-covered property, heating bills, gray skies and barren trees inform me that winter is reluctant to let go!  Such is the life of a New Englander! 

The month of April not only witnesses the change from winter to spring but also finds us journeying from Lent to Easter.   As dramatic as Spring is from Winter, the Easter transformation is even greater.  Everything of who we are, what we do, why we gather, is based on Christ’s resurrection from the tomb.  The 40 days of Lent are meant to prepare us for the celebration of what the empty tomb represents.  All the liturgies, Lenten mission, Lenten Friday talks, penance services, the FORMED digital program, weekly stations of the cross, and your private readings are meant to help us be ready for the enormity of what we celebrate at Easter. 

The secular world prepares for Easter on one level only.  A delicious meal, Easter egg hunts, Easter parades and family gatherings.  As a Christian people, we celebrate on two levels.  Like the rest of the world, we like ham dinners too and the watching of the kids running around frantically looking for colored eggs that they’ll never eat. The external family celebration is important.  It bonds us as a family, a community and as a people of faith.  The Lenten journey, however, opens our eyes and hearts to the depth of our Easter celebration and season.  We enter the season with humility and awe as we try to wrap our minds around the sacrifice He made for us.  We enter with joy at the amazing gift we have received through Easter.  We enter the season with pride knowing we are His children and that He will be with us always. And finally, we enter the season with a deep sense of gratitude for the many blessings our loving God bestows on His people today, tomorrow and always.        

St. John Paul wrote; we know Jesus has conquered sin and passed through his own pain to the glory of the Resurrection. And we live in the light of his Paschal Mystery - the mystery of his Death and Resurrection. “We are an Easter People and Alleluia is our song!”. We are not looking for a shallow joy but rather a joy that comes from faith, that grows through unselfish love.

Happy Easter everyone.  May God bless you for your fidelity and generosity.

Fr. Rick

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