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Posted on February 15, 2017 in: Pastor's Thoughts

Dear Parish family,

One evening in the middle of January I found myself driving the now familiar route from Tolland to Rockville.  It was a cold night and somehow the trip seemed different.   About half way home I had an Epiphany moment (aha!) and realized that the many Christmas candles that had illumined the windows were missing.  It was the end of the Christmas season and they had all been packed away for another year. Except for the occasional porch light, the ride home was much darker and colder than in previous weeks.  It’s amazing the difference those lights made on the journey home. 

Light and darkness are familiar and strong themes in the New Testament.  St. John’s Gospel uses the theme of light extensively and beautifully.  For John, Jesus is the source of life and is the light of all humanity (1:4). In verse five of that same chapter we hear how through his coming into the world Jesus’ light has shone into the darkness; and wherever his light has reached, the darkness has been overcome.  In chapter eight and nine we hear Jesus calling himself the light of the world.  Christ invites us in that chapter to follow him and his teaching which will enable us to avoid walking in the darkness.   

Life’s journey without Christ is void of light.  Unfortunately, It’s a journey many make today because they’ve left no room in their lives for faith or relationship with Christ.  Without His guiding light we wander aimlessly instead of journeying on a directed path.  God intended this life to have a destination in eternity and our journey should be directed towards our true home.  There are lights along the way to guide us safely home; the Mass, the sacraments, Sacred Scripture, faith oriented family and friends, prayer and of course Grace.  It is difficult to get to our destination if we don’t utilize the lights given to us by our Lord.   

I loved the many candles that warmly lit my way home every night – but I love more the light that is neither seasonal nor extinguishable but is always present safely guiding us on the path of truth, freedom, joy and light.    

 With peace,

Fr. Rick 

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