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Posted on March 17, 2019 in: Pastor's Thoughts

Dear Parish family,

The month of March welcomes in the liturgical season of Lent.  Lent is a privileged time when we have the opportunity to take an honest look at ourselves and determine whether we’re on a path that is pleasing to God or one that needs a bit of work.  It’s a time to make changes for the better.  But what is the baseline of our desired change, what is our motivation, and what are the avenues of our conversion?  First the baseline of our lives needs to be Christ.  He is the One we should model when we determine how we live and interact with self and others.  The world has a whole arsenal of ideas on how we should live and most of them are contrary to His teaching.  Choose Christ and you choose life. 

Our motivation can be found in the story of Lent.  Jesus’ obedience, love and sacrifice that we concentrate on during Lent should be our inspiration, our desire and our hope.  Look upon the crucifix and see the image of how far love was willing to go.  His sacrifice should motivate us to follow His way.

How we begin this “change for the better” involves first improving our communication with Christ through prayer.  Secondly, Lent calls us to give generously of our time, treasure and talent especially to those who are in greater need than ourselves.  Thirdly we are called to fast.  We are often insulated from the pangs of hunger by living in a country that is filled with mega-supermarkets and thousands of fast food restaurants. The money we save from eating less can be offered to a favorite charity.  All three directives lead us on a road to spiritual transformation.

Please take advantage of the many faith opportunities offered through our parish and surrounding parishes during this season of Lent.

With peace and prayers,

Fr. Rick

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