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Posted on September 23, 2018 in: Pastor's Thoughts

Dear Parish Family,

I think one of the greatest challenges I face as a pastor of a large yoked community is keeping everyone focused on a common mission.  Without this mission and goals that directly support achievement of the mission, we can easily end up having individuals and groups doing their “own thing”.  The unfortunate outcome of being unfocused is the loss of our unity as one body journeying on a pilgrimage to build up the Kingdom of God.  Our Church is not a warehouse of activities but a family united by our love of Christ and His Church.

With that concern, I asked our combined Pastoral Council to develop a mission statement that would begin the process of unity and vision.  After many sessions of discussions, research, prayer, and drafts we came up with the following: 

As a Catholic family, we are called by Christ to prayerfully create and nourish a vibrant community centered on the Eucharist and dedicated to service, spirituality, and evangelization.

I love our mission statement because it reminds us who we are as a Catholic parish and the direction we are to travel.  It holds us to a certain standard and continually motivates us to move forward. 

The three focus areas of our mission statement are Service, Spirituality and Evangelization.  The Pastoral Council has been working on these three goals and is ready to bring them to our many parish ministry and council leaders.  On September 8th, the Pastoral Council, ministry leaders and clergy will be involved in a retreat to educate, discuss and plan the next steps in our mission to becoming an even more vibrant faith community.  The ministry leaders will then bring the mission and goals to their individual groups and determine how they will implement and put flesh on the mission. 

I am very grateful to our Pastoral Council members for all their work, faithfulness and creativity.  They are a blessing to me and to our parishes. 

I am also grateful to the wonderful people of our two parishes.  Thank you for your openness, energy and desire to grow in Christ.  Cooperating with His Grace will lead to great things. 


Fr. Rick

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