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Posted on February 18, 2018 in: Pastor's Thoughts

Dear Parish Family,

February is one of those months that finds us deep in the folds of winter. It has been a very cold winter so far and I know people are experiencing those mid-winter blues! The cold, snow and barrenness of the season can often test our resolve to live the Christian virtues of patience and kindness. Hang in there!

This year, February also finds us entering the season of Lent. Ash Wednesday, the start of the liturgical season, is February 14th. I don’t ever remember Ash Wednesday being on Valentine’s Day - but since Lent is all about a love greater than any other, it seems somehow appropriate. 

I look forward to the opportunity Lent offers us each year. It is a season that calls us to turn away from the distractions and noise of the world and instead concentrate on our spiritual lives and relationships with God and with one another. We step back from our routines and busy schedules and reflect on Christ’s passion and death. It is a blessed season of preparation, a season of re-prioritizing, and a season of opening our eyes to the greater picture and truth of who we are as followers of Christ. During Lent we fast to prove to ourselves that we are not ruled by desires, we give to others to remind ourselves that God calls us to generosity, compassion and empathy, and we delve deeper into prayer to cement a relationship that is intimately united to the Heart of Christ. 

It might be cold out there – but the fire of the Spirit is alive and bursting forth to invite us towards its warmth, light and truth. Lent is that holy time of year where the opportunities abound and the invitation is clear. Let’s take the leap of faith required and do everything in our power to utilize the many opportunities of Lent to better prepare us for the amazing gift of Easter. 

With prayers for a transformative Lent,

Fr Rick

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