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Posted on January 21, 2018 in: Pastor's Thoughts

Dear Parish family,

Over the holidays I went to see my aunt in a nearby nursing home.  I hadn’t seen her for quite some time so we had a very nice reunion.  In the conversation, she told me I looked the same except my hair was whiter and I had put on a few pounds!  My aunt never holds any punches!  Her honesty, however, was a clear reminder that time marches on.  A seasonal landmark of that reality occurs every year at this time as we say farewell to the previous year and welcome a brand-new year.  Part of moving on always involves remembering what we’ve left behind.  Most of us lost someone we loved over this past year so we take time to remember them and pray that they are in His glorious presence.  We should also take time to reflect on the many joys and challenges our families faced in 2017 and determine how they’ve been transformative.  We remember our country and the challenges and successes it faced over this past year.  We reflect, ponder, and pray for the men and women serving in the military.   And of course, we look at our spiritual journey and ask ourselves whether we’ve grown over this past year.  This month is a great time to remind ourselves that our interaction with God is not magic – it is interactive, sacramental, sacrificial, and rooted in love.  We are called by him to respond.

New Year’s resolutions abound with promises that are designed for our external selves.  Those in and of themselves are not bad – apparently, according to my aunt, I need to shed a few pounds.  As we compile our lists, however, let’s not forget the things that will help us grow closer in relation with God and with our neighbors.  Let’s try to be more faithful to our vocations and more consistent with our Sacramental life.  Let’s make a concerted effort to find a time every day in our lives to pray. Our parish has purchased for you the digital program FORMED to help educate, motivate and transform our minds and hearts to the Lord.  Spend some time with one of the books, talks, or music the program offers.  In this new year we should strive to do whatever we can to live more authentic Christian Lives. 

A new year has arrived, so we say farewell to 2017 and thank God for guiding us through the year’s journey.  2018 awaits us with new hope, joys, experiences, and challenges.  May He bless this new journey with His grace, direction, and peace.  Happy New Year everyone.

With peace,

Fr. Rick

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