A Small Faith Community is a small group of people who gather weekly to read and pray over the Holy scriptures. This group studies the passages to be proclaimed on the following Sunday at Holy Mass. They reflect on the the meanings of the passages from the Old and New Testament and share what God is saying to us in the readings, a discussion about how these scriptures impact our lives and the life of the Church. A rich bond is created among the community and also a new found and deeper meaning of what God is telling us through the scriptures.

Each parishioner is called to become a light for Christ in our parish and to tend the fire that Christ has lighted in our lives. If you would like to spend time in prayer, reflection and joy in human relationships, then consider forming or joining a Small Faith Community.

The Faith Community in our parish schedules a meeting each week, but any new group may set its own schedule.

If you have questions or are interested in joining or starting a Small Faith Group, please contact the Parish Office.


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