Our Mission

The Ministry to the Sick and Homebound of St. Matthew Catholic Church, inspired by the love of Jesus Christ, brings the Body of Christ to those who cannot be present at Mass.

Who We Are

We are St. Matthew parishioners who provide communion, prayer and companionship to those parishioners who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend Mass.

We visit them in their homes and care facilities and, through our visits and with prayer, act as instruments of light and hope.

What We Do

We the Ministry to the Sick and Homebound of St. Matthew Catholic Church:

  • Distribute the Body of Christ to the sick and homebound of our parish after the 8:30 Sunday Mass and Fridays at Rockville General Hospital.
  • Provide an extension of our faith community to those who cannot otherwise attend.
  • Listen and "be present" to the people visited and bring their concerns back to the Church while respecting their confidentiality.

How You Can Join Us

We would welcome anyone who would like to become involved in the St. Matthew Ministry to the Sick and Homebound.

Ministers will be thoroughly trained before assignment.  Please contact one of the people listed or the Parish Office:

Deacon Ronald Freedman - 860-872-0200 Ext. 310 email:  deacon.ron@cath-comm.org

Deacon Michael Berstene - 860-872-0200 Ext. 313 email:  deacon.mike@cath-comm.org




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