The goal of the Justice and Peace Committee is to enrich understanding of many issues we are faced with today.  It is the Committee's hope that with deeper understanding, we will be more empowered to respond to others with increased compassion and openness.

Justice and Peace Programs have included:

  • A series on the Catholic and Lutheran faiths with a focus on those beliefs which bring us together, as well as those areas which call us to further conversation.
  • A presentation on re-adjustment issues for veterans
  • Education regarding domestic violence
  • A series on the death penalty and how it affects, not only the offender, but the victims' families as well. This issue is examined in the light of Catholic teaching on the dignity of life.

The Justice and Peace Committee has also sponsored Soup and Bread suppers to raise funds for a variety of both local and global needs including  Cornerstone KItchen, Kidsafe and Bosnia.

The Committee looks forward to your suggestions and thoughts regarding your interests and concerns as we continue to reach out to a world in need of compassion and caring.  You may contact the Parish Office for more information.

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