Music is an integral part of the liturgy. The beauty of music contributes to the beauty of the liturgy. Without music and its ministers, the Mass loses some of the power of prayer, which is singing. For music is prayer, the soul's expression of faith and love. Faith grows when it is well expressed in celebration. Within the Music Ministry, there are the Cantors and Choir, the Organist and Instrumentalists, and the Folk Group.

Cantors and Choir

Within the congregation of the faithful, the Cantors and Choir assume two roles. The Cantors and Choir lead the people in the sung prayer by alternating or reinforcing the sacred song of the congregation. At other times, in the course of the liturgical celebration, the Cantor or Choir will sing songs alone to further enhance the beauty of the celebration.

Organist and other Instrumentalists

The Organist and other Instrumentalists contribute greatly to the feelings of joy and contemplation during the liturgy. Aside from providing the accompaniment for the vocal music, instrumental music is effective as a prelude, as background to a spoken psalm, and for mediation at the preparation of the gifts or during portions of the communion rite.

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