Adult Programs

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.)

The Rite of Christian initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) is the process for welcoming and initiating new members into the Catholic faith community. It is a spiritual journey of adults that has its roots in the very beginning of the Church. It was an integral part of the early Christian tradition. Persons who were seeking admission into the Church learned what it meant to follow Jesus Christ through the example and the teachings of the Christian community.

Although its ancient roots date back to the earliest days of the Church, the revival of this process has brought about a refreshing new approach to discovering the many wonders of Christianity and the Roman Catholic expression of this Faith. In the recent past, the Church had rediscovered the communal dimension of the "conversion" process. The Parish Community now shares its life with its new members and offers them support and encouragement as they journey through the process.

The R.C.I.A. process is for people seeking either Baptism into the Catholic Church or those persons from other Christian traditions seeking to convert to Catholicism. Although the program "officially" begins in October, it is possible to begin learning more about it now. There is no pressure or obligation.

If you are interested in attending this program or would like more information about the program and where it will be held, please contact Brian Carey through the Parish Office at 860-872-0200 or directly at 860-372-2315.

Reclaiming One's Baptismal Experience (R.O.B.E.)

Reclaiming One's Baptismal Experience (R.O.B.E.) is a program for adults who may have been away from the Church for a period of time and who want to update their understanding of the Catholic faith. It's an experience which is unique for each individual. You and the Spirit will tailor and shape it to fit your needs. Revival and renewal through this process is a refreshing new approach to rediscovering the many wonders of Christianity and the Roman Catholic expression of this faith.

This program is also for adult Catholics who are interested in completing the process to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Although the R.O.B.E. process usually begins in October, it is possible to begin learning more about it now.

For more information, please contact Deacon Ron Freedman at (860) 872-9212 or please contact the Faith Formation Office at (860) 872-0200.

Why Catholic?

"Why Catholic?" is a program of adult faith formation developed by Renew International, a non-profit company developed by the Archdiocese of Newark. This program will be a Norwich Diocesan wide sponsored program that all parishes are invited to join. It is a journey through the Catechism framed to help Catholic faithful and those seeking to know more about our faith to have a living, explicit and fruitful faith. It is a program which encourages each of us to live our faith more intentionally. Learning, praying, and sharing together in small communities. We learn more about the Church and its beliefs, the sacraments, morality, prayer and ministries. We inspire and challenge one another as we learn from the Catechism but also from one another’s beliefs and experiences. By exploring the Gospel and other Scriptures, our interaction will allow us to make connections with our daily life.

Why Catholic? themes for each year are as follows:

  • Year 1 – Christian Prayer: Deepening My Experience of God. The Christian Family as the first place of education in prayer.
  • Year 2 - The Profession of Faith: What we believe. Explores the basic tenets of our faith.
  • Year 3 – The Celebration of the Christian Mystery: Sacraments. Addresses the family as the domestic church.
  • Year 4 – Life in Christ: Walking with God. Speaks of the Beatitudes and Commandments and explores relationships and moral issues.

*Only 12 sessions in an entire year.
*No session is longer than 90 minutes.
*Sessions are held at the convenience of the group. – Morning, Midday or Evening.

How does this program work? Each parish selects a team of parishioners to locally implement the program. The team is fully trained by Renew International staff in convenient selected sites around the diocese. Once the initial training is completed parishioners will be invited to join in a group.

The formal program for parishioners will begin in the fall of 2010. There will be six meetings in the fall and six meetings in the spring. Each group can select the time, place and dates to meet. This program has twelve sessions a year and each session lasts about 90 minutes.

You may contact us for more information:
Reeni Vinci at (860) 871-2990 or Brenda Falusi at (860) 871-4494.

This is an opportunity to build a true faith community and welcome others into our community who wish to learn and share their faith. By working together, we will enable our parish to be a welcoming community.