Bequests of a Will

Leave a legacy by making a bequest in your Will to St. Matthew Church. What a profound way to express your faith by giving back to the parish that has meant so much to you. It's so easy to do and such a wonderful way to make sure that your parish remains strong and vital after you've gone.

Through a bequest, a donor may leave to St. Matthew Church a specific dollar amount or may reserve for the church all or a certain percentage of the estate after provisions for family members and other beneficiaries have been made. The donor may stipulate whether the bequest is for the general support of the church, or for specific purposes - such as a scholarship program or a specific church project. A bequest may also be made in honor or memory of another individual. In addition to cash and securities, bequests to the parish may include bequests of real estate, IRA’s, life insurance and personal property. All outright gifts are exempt from federal estate taxes, and there is no limitation on the size of the gift.

Sometimes people include a bequest and we learn about it only after their death. We are so grateful to them, for they have helped to assure a brighter future for many, and we would have enjoyed expressing our gratitude while they were living. For us, it is important to say "thank you" and, when possible, to do so in person. Please consider informing the Parish Office if you have included St. Matthew's in your Will.

Anyone wishing to leave a bequest to St. Matthew Church is encouraged to seek the counsel of an attorney who specializes in estate planning.

Thank you for your consideration.